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History of Taubach

The Taubach Singing Association and later male choir Taubach.

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About the founding of the Taubach Singing Association

is not much known because the large village fire of 1877 destroyed all documents unfortunately. So the first years of the association only can be described with recorded oral traditions.

In accordance with this, some Taubacher were present at the first singing concert of the Oberweimar Singing Association in 1858 in the church of St. Peter and Paul in Oberweimar. Inspired by the music presentation they decided the founding of their own Taubach Singing Association. In 1861 the village women and virgins of Taubach donated the singing association their own flag. The club developed oneself and had a first flowering period in the 1880s, but then it went down very quickly. There are still 9 members handed down for 1889 - the choir fell asleep. Whereby the initiative of the singing brother Wenzel the association flared up again in 1895 to extinguish after his death in 1898 again.

But already in 1901 the association was founded again. After the First World War, the club joined in the Belvedere Singer Federation in 1921, whose federation singer festival it organized in 1924. In 1933, the choir celebrated its 75th anniversary. After the service the singers commemorated of their comrades who had fallen in World War I with a wreath-laying ceremony at the warrior memorial near the church. In addition to the local veterans and military association, the gymnastics association, the association for physical exercises, the women's association and the fraternities Konkordia and Einheit were come foreign associations to this celebrat that anniversary: the song bank Mellingen, the singing association Legefeld and the mixed choir Gaberndorf. The women's association and the fraternity Konkordia each donated a flag pin to the Taubach singer association. The singing concert of the choirs with final ball was in the Gasthaus Heintz.

In 1949 the singing society became the mixed choir Taubach, which disbanded itself in 1958.

A new choir was founded in Taubach on 29th January 1968, the still existing Taubach male choir. The choir was managed by the cantor catechist Mr Peter Vieweg (1937-1990), who moved with his family to Taubach in the late 1960s and lived in the parsonage. The choir faced a special challenge under his leadership in 1977, the involvement in the performance of the Richard Wagner opera "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg" ("The Master-Singers of Nuremberg") at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar (German National Theatre Weimar).

The graduated music educator Mr Harald Dübler took over the choral direction after the death of Mr Vieweg and he continued to lead it successfully until today.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the male choir Taubach.

The choir has published a sound example on his YouTube channel Männerchor Taubach e.V.

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