Taubach, village entering comes from Weimar, October 2002

Taubach, village entering comes from Weimar, October 2002

History of Taubach

Foreword to the history of the village Taubach near Weimar in the Thuringian Ilm valley.

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In 1970 Taubach celebrated the 850th anniversary of its first mention - but no one knows how old Taubach really is. The council of the municipality of Taubach published a brochure or festschrift formulated and assembled by Mr Josef Geyer at the time of the anniversary celebration, which can be regarded as the standard work about the history of Taubach.

Much water has flowed down the Ilm river since the 12th June 1970, the day on which the memorial at the lime tree beneath the baker's pond was unveiled and the festivities of the 850th anniversary began - some 1,584,995,626,571 gallons. The river has taken some things, others left here and another washed up, a process that apparently never ends.

So it was time to create something new, that not let us (Taubachien) completely forget the old. Because "Only who knows where he comes from knows where he is going." (Theodor Heuss). That's why I've tried to find out a lot about Taubach in the past few years, read hundreds or maybe even thousands of pages and would like to inform you about the history of Taubach since November 2018 onwards so that anyone interested can find out more. Such a work will probably never really end, please regard the present version as a intermediate result.

Please excuse my bad English.

Ralf-Carlos Rücker

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