The Mellinger Gasse in Taubach, 1993 arbitrarily renamed in Ilmtalstraße. On this picture still without rip-off artist's speed camera box.

The Mellinger Gasse in Taubach, 1993 arbitrarily renamed in Ilmtalstraße. On this picture still without rip-off artist's speed camera box.

History of Taubach

New construction of the Taubach church St. Ursula in its present appearance by Weimar building inspector Carl Georg Kirchner.

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The Weimar master builder Coudray

is mostly attributed for the conversion of the Taubach church St. Ursula in 1850, although he was already went home on 4.Octbr. 1845 (4th October), as his gravestone betrayed. This is also widely adopted in the recent past. But in turn …

In 1840 the community decided to build a new and larger church, in which should be included the existing church tower. This should to be built after the demolition of the Mützel church from 1704/05 again west of the tower. The planning for this project dragged on and first changes were made in 1845. These were desired from on high - Carl Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, (✲ 24th June 1818 - 05th January 1901) wanted that the new church also meets his expectations. At his request the nave was relocated to the east side of the tower and the facade design changed again in 1847. The church should obtained amongst others on the east side no gable wall but a hipped roof surface in contrast to the planned variant.

The construction of present day's Taubach Church St. Ursula in neo-Romanesque style began in May 1849. The management of the construction project was in the hands of building inspector Mr Carl Georg Kirchner. The plans for the church reconstruction which worked out by the Weimar master builder Clemens Wenzeslaus Coudray (1775-1845) in 1820, played no role in the execution of construction work ultimately.

In autumn 1850 the church was completed. Pastor Reinecke consecrated it in a solemn service on 19th November 1850 in the presence of pastors of the neighboring villages. The mother of Grand Duke Carl Alexander, Maria Pavlovna (✲ 05th(Jul.) / 16th(gre.) February 1786 - 23rd June 1859, Tsar's daughter and Grand Duchess of Russia), was present at the inauguration service too.

Thuringia's "bee professor" and dialect poet Mr pastor August Ludwig preached in the Taubach church St. Ursula from 1891 to 1897 and surely some of his figures are at least reminiscent of Taubachien. A precious inheritance of the pastor August Ludwig preserves the Taubach parish still today - the baptistry, which was created by him as a wood-burning painting. The baptismal ware donated Mrs Olga Beck to the christening of her son Oscar on 30th January 1898.

Due to the ringing of the church bells every church tower gets into vibration and its walls are cracking unfortunately. So the tower had to be repaired in 1893 and 1955. The stability of the belfry was ensured by means of steel profiles in 2010, whereby a standing bell frame was installed, which relieves the roof structure of the tower. In 2008 the church clock, whose movement is located on the west side of the tower and connected with the dial on the east side of the church above the apse by a hand line over the entire length of the church, was able to put into operation again after 30 years of stoppage.

The gray-red interior of the church was given its solemn but simple appearance with a 1967 reconstruction of the church and can be actively experienced in addition to worship services during concerts and other events like the day of the open monument.

Tower ball and weather vane were renewed in 1985. During the renovation of the church tower roof in 2014, the tower ball and weather vane were gilded and new documents added to the old documents in the tower ball.

Before its relocation to his present place, the Taubach cemetery was on the green areas around the church until 1878. This bordered a cemetery masonry, which was removed in large parts in 1959/60, and now only exists as a retaining wall along the Ilmtalstraße.

The Taubach church St. Ursula was often portraited by the artist Lyonel Charles Adrian Feininger (1871 - 1956).

More details about present day's Taubach church St. Ursula can be found in the journal "KIRCHE ST. URSULA ZU TAUBACH", edited by the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Taubach and wrote in German.

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