Taubach weir in the drought year 2018

Taubach weir in the drought year 2018

History of Taubach

Taubach during the time of National Socialism - events during the occupation of Taubach by US troops.

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With the approach of the enemies

were also made preparations for defense in Taubach. The Volkssturm dug dugouts at In der Schatzgrube, a machine gun stand was laid out on today's grassed triangle Ilmtalstraße / An der Schatzgrube. The soldiers, who stationed to defend Taubach, fled when it became serious, one of them took his own life in his despair by means of a hand grenade. The US troops did not came as expected from Weimar, but reached Taubach via Mellingen on 12th April 1945, by reason that they advanced rapidly on the autobahn to the east.

An US artillery reconnaissance unit quartered in the last house on the western side of the Illgensgraben in Taubach for two days. The inhabitants and bombed-out people from Cologne had to move into the house on the opposite side of the road. One of the first acts of the US soldiers was to raise a US flag at the flagpole, on which was flying the swastika flag days before. A little later they wanted eggs, what wasn't pupolar with the village population. However after a Taubachian had given eggs and for these received cocoa, more Taubachien brought eggs - and got nothing. At first the two reconnaissance planes landed north of the railway line, only after the troops had gained an overview, they landed on the field south of the railway line and west of the Illgensgraben. On the next day the American flag fly on half-mast - the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had passed away. That engrossed house was properly handed over to the goodwife on the withdrawal of the US troops on 14th April 1945, well with washed crockery and even a broken plate replaced the US soldiers - what for a great gesture.

However other residents of Taubach had not so lucky.

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